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Not all car parks are created equally. As the local chapter of the Porsche Club descended on carnival city's car park, it turned from a regular piece of gravel into a canvas for a rainbow of Porsches. From early 70's to the then brand-spanking-new GT3, all were there. Not a bad… Read More
Once every while you get an invitation that's too good to be true. This was one of those. The local Ferrari owners club had asked their members to bring their toys out to play. Glistening in the ever-present Joburg sun I found myself in the ultimate Ferrari candy store.  … Read More
What happened? Two years ago hybrid cars were a functional purchase, bought by people who didn’t really care if their car’s design was the love child of two kitchen appliances. Now, if your hyper-car isn’t a hybrid, you’re not one of the cool kids. At BMW, the technology carefully honed… Read More
Oh yes, it’s good to be bad, herald three of Hollywood’s finest gentlemen villains as they tear around London in Jaguar’s latest line-up. Even the baddies in James Bond choose Britain’s finest. No more stuffy image, Jaguar has finally embraced their cinematic heritage of the car of choice for the… Read More